Friday, April 23, 2010

live Twang: Judaculla

The namesake of this song is the mysterious Judaculla Rock in Jackson County, NC, a petroglyph covered rock that Cherokee legend holds was created by the spirit giant Tsul' Kalu (approximated in English as Judaculla or Jutaculla), apparently as disruption of the landscape created during a chase. There's interesting information on the archaeology of the site on the North Carolina historical markers website, including a report of recent interpretation of the site as a map of the area as it was known to Tsul' Kalu.

sketch of Judaculla petroglyphs, source: NC Museum of History

This piece, as many of ours, is highly improvisational, though it features a number of recurring riffs that are mixed and matched as the groove dictates. We particularly enjoy devolving into a broken interplay of start-stop segments at the end, building tension to an ending that we don't even know until we hear it.

The prototype for the song, literally a recording of the original rehearsal improvisation that only hinted at the more elaborate form we now use, can be found on Live from Wire Mountain.