Monday, July 30, 2012

Twang does soundtrack

I did the original soundtrack (along with the editing and visual effects) for Shreveport artist Dorothy Kristin Hanna's short film, BEing. The film will be released through a variety of contests and festivals in 2012 and beyond.

I would love to get Twang Darkly involved in more soundtrack work; scoring to image is a rewarding and different way to approach music, and it's a natural fit for our sound. In this case, because the film is around 15 minutes in total length, I rehearsed the entire score as a live performance on dulcimer before recording it in a complete take performed while watching the movie; likewise with the overdubbed flute and synth-processed dulcimer line that weave their way through the proceedings.

For the music and gear heads out there -- the soundtrack is performed primarily on my Yocky electric dulcimer tuned DGD with a capo at the first fret; the accordion-like sounds shimmering underneath were actually produced by a "sustain pedal," the incredible EHX Superego as part of the primary dulcimer performance. The flute is a bamboo number built by Erik the Flute Maker.