Friday, November 30, 2012

New Album MOJO FIX Brings the Roots

Yes, folks, there's some all new Twang Darkly for you, with lots of banjo, gourd, dulcimer, and harmonica. Not to mention some flute, electric guitar, a heaping of double bass, sweet drums, and what-not.

An initial, limited edition version of the CDs will be available by next week, slated to go on sale at our Dec. 7 show at Bear's on Fairfield.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


An original piece for gourdtar that appears on our 2012 Mojo Fix album.

The gourdtar is a DIY lap steel gourd dulcimer instrument I built back in the late 90s.

To Morrow Mountain

On The Sound of Secret Names, you got the track "From Morrow Mountain." That we usually play live as the coda to this piece, "To Morrow Mountain," which is featured on our newer cd, Mojo Fix.

Morrow Mountain is the highest peak in the little known, ancient Uwharrie Mountains of central North Carolina.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cooking with Sun Ra -- bamboo flute jazz

One we've doing live since the beginning of Twang Darkly, this original jazz piece is something Joel and I cooked up while trying to ... well, play something else. I had a very specific flute melody in mind at a rehearsal back in the day, but Joel wanted to take his bass for a walk instead and we ended up here.

I've talked elsewhere about how I think of all Twang Darkly music as jazz in a certain and important sense of the word, but this recording represents a work of ours that certainly fits the word in its more common usage as style descriptor.

This one is on our 2012 Mojo Fix album.

Stump Brew -- banjo and slide guitar

An original from our Mojo Fix album.

I came up with this banjo part late after we'd done a couple of gigs on the same evening, noodling around on a new CGCD banjo tuning. I also recorded a slew of backing tracks along with it including gourdtar and harmonica, neither of which ended up in this final mix.

In fact, this didn't come together as something I figured I'd even use until Joel played his kick ass Hawaiian slide part. Troy sealed the deal with some tasty drums a few evenings later...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get your MOJO FIX

A fun new piece featuring banjo, gourdtar, and flute along with some tasty bass from Joel

This is the title track from our Mojo Fix album.