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What is Twang?

This is a video playlist of live and studio work... use the player's next button to advance tracks.

Twang Darkly plays original instrumental music performed on mountain dulcimer, electric gourd, guitar, banjo, flute, harmonica, upright bass, and drums. Additional material, including one-sheet overview and official photos are available in our press kit.

Find out more about how to book us or contact us. Come see us at an upcoming show.

Michael Futreal, founder of Twang Darkly and maintainer of this website, writes and performs original music on Appalachian dulcimer, banjo, gourdtar, guitar, harmonica, flute, and suchlike. Michael is a resident of North Carolina who happens to live in Louisiana.
Troy Messina uses his drum-power to make us other Twangers seem cooler and more rhythmically sophisticated than we really are!
Joel Boultinghouse drives us with his big ol' string bass bass and, of course, does amazing things with his electric guitar and accordion whenever we let him away from the bass for a few moments.

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