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You can get some Twang at your venue or event (be it public or private) in either a band or solo configuration. We primarily operate around Shreveport, Louisiana, and the surrounding Ark-La-Tex area, but we don't rule out anything. We can readily do a 1-4 hour show of all original and improvised music.

Aside from venues and events, we're also available through a suggested-donation "house concert" model for music enthusiasts interesting in staging small home concerts, etc. Feel free to contact us about other possibilities as well.

See past events (on Facebook) and upcoming public events.

Contact or leave us a message on Facebook to get the ball rolling.

book the full band

The full trio can play with drums or with a smaller percussion setup, and we can be as loud or quite as your venue warrants (up to a point, in either direction, of course). If you want the full-on Twang effect with some toe-tapping goodness, this is your choice.

Occasionally, depending on scheduling constraints or other factors, we sometimes do band gigs in duo configuration.

book Michael solo

A solo show is a bit more subdued and darker than the full trio. If you want me to do so, I can talk a lot about the various instruments during such a show, or I simply can stick to the music.